I am now accepting insurance!

Many families receive 3 visits at no out-of-pocket cost. To see if your insurance plan qualifies click the button below.

I am excited to announce that I have partnered with Lactation Network to accept insurance billing. This is an incredible organization that helps families get the breastfeeding support they deserve, covered by their insurance. The Lactation Network guarantees every mother 6+ lactation consultations with me (a registered IBCLC and RN, BSN) at no out of pocket cost. They handle the paperwork and bill your insurance directly.

How to use your 6+ visits covered by your insurance?

  1. Prenatal Visit
  2. Initial Breastfeeding visit – problem solving or just checking to make sure everything is on track for success
  3. Follow up visit – reassessing a breastfeeding care plan outcome, weight check
  4. Teach suckling exercises and stretches post frenectomy (tongue tie release)
  5. Pump Use – how to use your pump, check flange size fit, great for exclusive pumping moms, going back to work, or just have pump questions.
  6. Bottle Feeding – perfect for moms going back to work or babies who need to be able to take a bottle
  7. Starting Solids – around 6 months oldĀ 
  8. Weaning – when you and Baby are ready
  9. Nutrition and Exercise for the Breastfeeding Mom
  10. Just need some support

And many more ways!

When in doubt – reach out for a visit!